Visual Analytics Workshop - Link Collection

NEWS UPDATE! Next Visual Analytics Workshop to be held at BlackHat US in August. Join!

During my Visual Analytics Workshop I mention a ton of tools, Web sites, and projects. Students attending the class get a list of all the links to these items in a summary file.

I decided that the list of links would be something useful for everyone to look at. Over the next few weeks I will be posting all the links on here.

Today we start with a few links of my previous work and the links of the workshop introduction slides:

Raffael Marty:
- Heatmaps - Why is Security Visualization So Hard?
- Cyber Security - How Visual Analytics Unlock Insight
- VizSec 2012 Keynote
- All the Data That's Fit to Visualize
- Security Visualization - Learning From The New York Times
- Mining Your Logs - Gaining Insight Through Visualization
- Application Logging Guidelines
- Visualization Workshops
- PixlCloud

- Binary Visualization Tool (VizBin)
- BinVis
- BinVis Discussion
- Cantor Dust
- Vera
- Periodic Table of Visualizations
- Minard
- Hans Rosling and Gapminder
- Hans Rosling TED talk
- MYO Interface
- Microsoft Kinect
- Leap Motion
- Make It So

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