Interesting patterns World of Warcraft

It's been a pretty quiet day today, but I noticed an intersting pattern emerge. I hadn't seen it before, which is really strange considering I work at a college. Im using Sphere of Influence 3.0 summary window and timeline from a Cisco ASA.
In patten "C" I show the normal allowed network traffic. (the horizontal "bars" of traffic are a p2p program not associated with WoW) This shows traffic both into and out of the college. I noticed the patten and highlighted it some more. This showed me the organization. Now if anyone knows anything about world of warcraft the organization was blizzard communications. I filtered all traffic to and from organizations with the word blizzard in them. As you can see from pattern "A" it shows clearly a world of warcraft traffic patten - updating itself is the easier pattern to spot. I also filtered the traffic in pattern "B" denied window. The traffic being denied is port 3724...voice. The timeline (Pattern c) assured me that traffic was indeed seen on 3724 (WoW port) Although tempted to put in a QOS statement to slowly grind that machine to a crawl, I opted for the easier solution. It came from a library computer. So it was just a simple matter of visiting the library and removing the software off a machine that somehow was unfrozen. Freezen the machine and updating a few rule sets.

Patterns always interest me, just thought I'd share this one with you all.