AI and ML in Cyber Security - And What Does That Have To Do With Visualization?

Adjacent to data visualization are all the different disciplines that help us getting from raw data to visualizations. There are the topics of big data, data mining, and data exploration which come to mind. The world has gotten quite confused and lax about using the terms artificial intelligence and machine learning. Often data mining, for example will be lumped underneath these topics. I have written a few pieces lately that talk about AI and ML in cyber security. They should help bringing a bit more clarity into the approaches and what is suited for the cyber discussion. The topic of data visualization is still a crucial one and I am not doing it justice in any of my write ups. But we shouldn't forget that data visualization is probably one of the most important methods when it comes to helping analysts better understand what they are looking at, and helping data scientists understand what their algorithms have just done.

Oh, and should you be interested in Virtual Reality - I just published a short critique of a 'pro VR' article.