Treemaps for Windows firewall log

Does anyone have a parser for using Windows firewall logs with Treemap???

Windows firewall log are

Windows firewall log are easy. examples

2003-01-01 10:21:11 DROP ICMP ip1 ip2 - - 60 - - - - 8 0 -
2003-01-01 10:21:11 DROP TCP ip1 ip2 sport dport 48 S ?size 0 16384 - - -

perl/awk or any other tool can parse them.
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Windows Firewall Log Visualization

I am not 100% sure how the Windows firewall logs exactly. Are they text files? If so, that should be pretty simple to process. If not, you will need to use something to extract the logs out of the event log. You can probably use WMI for that.
Once you have the logs in textual form, you need to process the data to be in a form that a tool can visualize it. I generally use the Treemap implementation from the University of Maryland. It's a Java implementation and uses a TM3 format, which is a slightly modified tab-separated format. My book talks extensively about how to generate the format and do the treemap visualization.

windows firewal l& treemap

Yes, they are generated as text logs. Just got a copy of your book....this should help a lot thanks.