Newbie help request

Could I possibly get a little help with getting the afterglow / neato tools usefully working. have 291 lines of data and for the life of me the graphs I'm generating are quite poor.

I am not a Perl programmer but have managed to get cygwin working and afterglow & neato working.
using this sample set of the 291 I can get the two diagrams I have attached, but I would dearly like some advise how to generate a more representative image.

If this forum is inappropriate for a little mentoring then please advise / delete as appropriate.

With kind regards,

Images missing

Could you post your images again and attach them to your post? I hope that works...

And this forum is definitely meant for these types of questions and issues. Bring them on!

Where ...

Where are the diagrams ?
Would you mind giving us the CSV completely? (Upload to a webspace and link it here)