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Larger resolution images?

Very cool idea here with this site. Unfortunately I can't see the data in any of the graphs thus far submitted because they are too low resolution. They look cool, and possibly useful -- I'd love to look into them more closely.

Any chance of (much) higher resolution images??


Parser Exchange

This page is meant to help collect parsers for log files. Post a comment with either a link to your parser or past the parser in here if it is not too big.


The SecViz portal is meant for people that are working on log analysis, log mining and especially on visualization of security related data to exchange, discuss, and comment on techniques, methods, parsers, and sample graphs.

The maintainer of the site, Raffael Marty (ram at secviz dot org), is the founder of PixlCloud, a visualization in the cloud company. He has written about security data visualization for various books and blogs and also talks at security conferences around the world on the topic of data visualization. He is also the author of AfterGlow, an open source tool for data visualization.

AfterGlow 1.5.8

A new release of AfterGlow, Version 1.5.8, is due soon. A few new functions are included, among them a snort alert file parser. The tool can be downloaded at: http://afterglow.sourceforge.net